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Grooming the executive is a strong believer in Natural and God given talents and strengths. We encourage all persons to know their natural strengths and develop themselves around it (strength). We offer assessments from both domestic and international tools.

Strength Builder Assessment & Development

By taking strength assessments, individuals are better positioned to sell their strengths to potential employers, business partners and clients. Employers are always on a look-out for “culture-fit” candidates and the assessments assists them in making correct selections of candidates they would benefit (and benefit from).

Strength Finder Workshops Schedule

There are no upcoming events.

Individual, Group and Corporate Coaching (& Costing)

Individual and Group Coaching (for personal development)

  1. On-line Assessment
  2. 1 Day Group Workshop ( Up to 100 participants per Workshop)
  3. Two (2) Day coaching (Up to 25 participants per Group)
Assessment Workshop & Coaching Sessions Cost
On Line Strength Assessment 1 Day Group Workshop R1,050.00 (Per person)
On Line Strength Assessment 2 Day Coaching (Max 25 Candidates) R3,950.00 (Per person)
Terms & Conditions Apply​

Corporate & Executive Customised Coaching (in all areas of Strengths according Executive Roles & Responsibilities)

  1. On-line Assessment
  2. Two (2) months coaching of One (1) session per week
    • First Three (3) sessions are Group workshop (5 hours long)
    • Last Three (5) sessions are Individual coaching (1 hour long each)
Corporate Customise Service Workshop & Coaching Sessions Cost
Strength Assessment On Line Assessment R50,720.00 per person
R45,720 per person (for a pair)
Group Workshop 3 sessions workshop (Max 15 Candidates)
Individual Coaching 5 sessions (Individual coaching)
Terms & Conditions Apply​

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