GTE-MSS Reward Card

MSS Reward card


Millennium Support Services (MSS) is an initiative that supports small business (Start-up / Small to Medium Enterprises (SME)) through their journey of starting, building and growing their ventures. The program encourages broader communities to contribute towards the success of as many small business as possible. The growth and success of small businesses is what many, including government are pinning their hopes on, to create jobs and revive many countries’ economy. The GTE-MSS Reward Card facilitates rewards for consumers who are supporting small businesses. By procuring services and products from small businesses, the card holder accrues points to redeem for preferential prices or discounts with our participating Redemption partners which includes among others Travel and Tourism packages (Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Car hire, Flights, Train travels etc.) eateries, luxury brands which includes luggage bags, clothing and shoes stores etc., health and beauty services and many others, from various sectors.
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