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GTE Junior Giants

This division of Grooming The Executive (GTE) puts the spotlight on young creative minds. It looks at children who are still in the Basic Education learning space. This programme runs between May to October of every year (registrations start from April of every year). It is for children between the ages 10 -18 years.

The programme seeks to:

  • Educate parents on the importance of recognizing and embracing the unique strengths of their child
  • Encourage exploration of self-awareness and focus on self-development for our future leaders
  • Guide candidates to identify their own individual strengths (conventional or not) and harness these into pathways that will lead to rewarding careers as business people and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Through the programme, GTE introduces core transferable skills such as effective time management, setting of goals and how to achieve them, self-confidence and business etiquette etc.

This would enable candidates to optimize their time and fully utilize the energy needed to flourish in life and in their journey towards their chosen business pursuit (and careers)

Through a unique yet relevant and carefully tailored Programme, GTE’s Junior Giants focus on introducing young giants into the world of business, and developing essential skills in them, that are needed to flourish in this challenging yet rewarding space.

Children (of all ages) are guided and mentored on:

  • how to identify their individual strengths and talents,
  • developing into confident and all rounded business men and women of tomorrow
  • handling real life business and entrepreneurship opportunities and challenges

In the same vein as a child taking extra lessons in Maths, English or Science, GTE’s Junior Giants Programme is offered after school as a supplementary extra-mural, focusing on practical business training and exposure.

  • Stage 1: General personal development and personal mastery: (1 month – 4 lessons a week)
  • Stage 2: The world of business (1 month – 4 lessons)
  • Stage 3: Business of the season (each season there would be a business partnered with, that candidates would focus on. This is the business in which they will enjoy equal equity participation)

The Classes are divided into the following age groups, and the candidates should be in the following grades (Grade 7 – Grade 12). GTE encourages parents to be mindful of the participation of grade 12 candidates, and not disturb their already demanding academic work load.

Candidate would be grouped in the following age categories, subject to sufficient number of candidates per season

  • 10-12 Years
  • 13 – 15 Years
  • 16-18 Years

The sessions to choose from (one session a week per candidate):

  • Weekday Sessions (Monday to Thursday): 14h00-16h00
  • Saturday Sessions: 08h30-10h30 & 11H00 -13h00
  • Sunday and Public holidays (no sessions)

Prices will be fixed for the calendar year, but might change every year. Any such changes will always be published before commencement of programme in April of each year.

  • Programme costs:
  • Registration fee: R500.00
  • Stage 1 & 2 Training Fee : R 1 240.00
  • Sage 3 : Differ per business venture (see under Business partner)

Business partners will be announced at the commencement of each season.

The parents are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the businesses and trying to sample the products /services

May – July 2020

  1. Africa Me – Africa Us :

Cost of R 1 210.00 which is exclusively for clothing items and accessories under the business partner. This excludes courier services or postage whichever the applicant would prefer.

 August – October 2020

  1. TBA a month before season commences
Stage 1: Strength Explorer & Mentoring

Personal Development and Mastery: (1 month – 4 sessions)

 The programme focuses on Self Discovery and Mind-Set creation

  • There is extensive focus on personal confidence development
  • Personal validation and affirmation
  • Self believe and self-love
  • Recognition, appreciation and respect of others
Stage 2: Self Discovery and Mind-set Creation

The world of business (1 month – 4 sessions)

The programme focuses on general concept of business.

The focus is more on unpacking basic business concepts which includes

  • Business plan
    • Visions
    • Mission
    • Value Propositions
    • Differentiation
    • SWOT Analysis
  • Financials
    • Budget
    • Income statement
    • Cash-flow
  • Compliances
    • Types of companies / business structures
    • Company Registrations
    • Tax
    • Other required compliances – UIF, COIDA, PAYE etc
Stage 3: Business and Career Readiness

About the business of the season (1 month – 4 sessions)

The programmes are cost differently depending on a number of factors i.e.

  • Cost of product or service on offer
  • The maturity of the business and the level of development offered to candidates
  • Samples, marketing and promotional material etc.

The focus is now exclusively on the business of the season

  • Each season will have a business in which the candidate will enjoy equal equity participation
  • Through each business, GTE aims to afford at least three Thousand (3 000) to six Thousand (6 000) young candidates participation and equity acquisition.
  • The number of participants as well as the equity allocation will be at the discretion of the business owner with whom GTE would have partnered.


Fill registration from for GTE Junior Giants. For more information give us a Call on 011 056 6379

2020 intake season closed. New season for 2021 opening soon. Please visit again.

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