GTE has a number of programmes on offer and all of them are selected on the basis of guaranteeing outcomes that guarantee job opportunities. Our approach is to encourage and support entrepreneurs.

We aim at changing the mind set of young individuals by exposing them to entrepreneurship programmes and supporting them during the early stages of business development and job creation. We encourage our candidates to not prioritize seeking for employment but creating jobs. The Gap Year and Career Bridging Programme (GapYear) serves this purpose.

The program focuses on real life career advancement and business development experiences rather than theoretical academic education only.

The offering is split into Two (2) phases for most of programmes:

Phase 1:

A Three (3) months programme through which we expose candidates to various career programmes as well as to real life work experiences in programmes we offer
a) This programme involves young people who have completed their matric ideally, before the commit to any tertiary education as well as young adults (up to the age of 40 years) who want to explore new career opportunities.
b) Should the candidate elect to pursue any of the additional business programme we facilitate… we GUARANTEE them revenue generating opportunities (business or jobs)
c) For the young people who are undecided on what course to pursue, GTE Gap-Year & Career Bridging Programme guides them through programmes on offer.

  • The programme starts Positive Psychology assessment called Strength Finder and workshops:
  • Vision Board Development: This offers support towards self-discovery
  • Mentoring Sessions: Interaction with experts of various industries, entrepreneurs and management from across sectors
  • Real Life Career Sampling: Assignments to various companies and render services and gain real life work exposure
d) Assignments and various assessments would take place to evaluate the progress made by each candidate. These shall be used as part of evaluating the candidate’s potential to be the part of phase two of the programme
PHASE 1 COST : R6 800.00

Phase 2:

A Two (2) months Programme where candidates chose from the existing programmes and be trained on specific content. It is this phase that determines whether the candidate can be groomed for business ownership or not. Each year GTE identifies programmes that have potential for business opportunities and jobs, and based on the finding made, the programme may be included as part of the offerings for as long as there is still opportunities in the market.

GTE has partnered with various small service providers and strategic partners who had to demonstrate:

  • That their service are capable of creation business opportunities
  • They could train and provide necessary skills which we could turn into business – and create jobs
  • They themselves are able to consume from the very products they will be producing

  • GTE develops business models which include training and implementation plans for each of these proposed sectors – and on the back of a satisfactory outcome, the programme gets included into the mix.

NB: Completion of Phase 1 is mandatory, before participating in any of the PHASE 2 Programmes

2020 GAP YEAR AND GAREER BOSTER PROGRAMMES are the following – (Including all inclusive costs)

SectorProgrammeMinimum Qualification RequirementCost
Financial Services
  • Training to participate in the Financial Services space.
  • RE 1 & 5 training and examination with an internationally recognised examiner Moonstone
  • Training in various insurance products


  • Registered as a Juristic Rep with registered FSP
  • Start operating upon passing the examination with Moonstone
  • Matric Certificate
  • FSCA recognised Post Matric Qualification would be added benefit
Health & Safety
  • Training as Health & Safety Official
  • Obtain 5 CBD Points towards being a Health and Safety Compliant service provider


  • Registered as a candidate Health & Safety officer with a GTE associate service provider
  • Start operating upon passing the exams and obtaining XXX Certificate
  • Matric Certificate
  • A Post matric Qualification would be an added benefit
Hair & Beauty
  • Training on treatment of African natural hair, including crotchet dreadlocks


  • Registered as a service provider under GTE associate service provider and become part of a Chain of Dreadlock and Beauty salons
  • Matric Certificate
Accounting Services
  • Refresher Training in accounting and bookkeeping
  • Training on a specific GTE service provider program


  • Member of a GTE related Accounting and Bookkeeping service providers
  • Bookkeepers for GTE supported SME Ventures
  • Post Matric Qualification in Accounting or Bookkeeping
Human Capital Management
  • Refresher Training in accounting and bookkeeping
  • Training on a specific GTE service provider program


  • Member of a GTE related Human Capital service providers
  • HR Service provider for GTE supported SME Ventures
  • Post matric Qualification in HR
Information Technology
  • Refresher Training in Web and Software development
  • Training on a specific GTE service provider program


  • Member of a GTE related IT service providers
    Specifically software development
  • Post matric Qualification in IT ???
Strength Finder Coaching
  • Training on Positive Psychology Training
  • Coaching on Strengths Assessment outcomes


  • Member of a GTE related Strength
  • Coaching service providers
  • Post matric Qualification in: Communication, Education or Psychology
  • Price differ depending on the Category selected

NB: Can register straight into Phase 2


Term 1: 15 February – 30 June
Term 2: 1 July – 20 November


Total cost per programme ranges between R 10 500.00  and R 12 500.00. depending on the Phase 2 selection.  As per breakdown below

      • Admin Fee : R150.00 (non-refundable)
      • Strength Finder: R 1 050.00
      • Phase 1 training: R 6 800.00
      • Phase 2 Training: (ranges between) R  2 500.00  – R 4 500.00


The payments arrangements for 2020 are as follows:

Term 1 – Phase 1

  • Application Deposit R 2 000.00 by 20th February
  • Balance: R2 400.00 monthly (28th Feb, 31st March)

Term 2 – Phase 1

  • Application Deposit R 2 000.00 by 20th June
  • Balance: R2 400.00 monthly (30th June, 31st July)

Term 1 – Phase 2

  • Full amount by 30th April

Term 2 – Phase 2

  • Full amount by 31st August
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