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GTE Corporate

The platform allows promotion of the services within the GTE network and to the corporate sector (Public & Private sector). Training and workshops are arranged to discuss various topics deemed relevant for business and personal growth. This division aims at supporting corporate companies (large and small) towards operating and achieving optimally. GTE Corporate aims at facilitating support to corporate companies in their quest towards identifying suitable talents to match their needs and growth.

Strength Builder Assessment & Development

Strength Builder Assessment & Development (Ideal for anyone from young people, Staff to Supervisors, Entrepreneurs and Management)

Coaching in the Areas of Strengths

Coaching in the Areas of Strengths (And Guiding with implementations).
- Group Coaching and Development Seminars
Strength Finder Assessments
R 1050.00 per candidate (10 or less candidates)
- 950.00 per candidate from 11th participant.
- Includes a Coaching and Development: Seminar
- Continuous articles and online message sharing relating to self-development and strength enhancement.
GTE Dynamo Strength Finder

Strength Finder

Strength Finder (Ideal for Leaders, Business Owners, Senior Executives, Directors)

Individual and customise Coaching

Individual and customise Coaching in all Areas of Strengths according to the Gallup Assessment.
- Six (6) months Coaching
- Two (2) sessions per Month
- First Three (3) months are Group sessions (5 hours long)​
- Last Three (3) months are Individual sessions (1 hour long each)​
Cost of Service: (All inclusive package of)​
- R 60 720.00 per candidate​
- R 90 240.00 per candidate​

Terms & Conditions Apply​

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