GTE- Bridge the Gap_Feed a neighbour

GTE- Bridge the Gap: Feed a neighbour

GTE- Bridge the Gap, Feed a neighbour

Grooming The Executive (GTE) is a Non-Profit Company (NPC) birthed with the sole intention of holding hands with ordinary South Africans (and eventually with the continent) to make meaningful contribution and “Change the status quo.. #CreatingGiants” out of our children.
We hold an ambitious dream of creating an opportunity for a better tomorrow for our young and propel them to better and higher heights. The truth of the matter is, it’s near impossible to breed a positive mind from a hungry young person.
It is on the back of this that our organization has decided to take a stand and join hands with some of the fortunate few, who are able to put food on their own table and still have little more to share, and ask them to stretch themselves just a little further, and help “Bridge the Gap…, feed a neighbour”.

GTE does not prescribe who the neighbour is, frankly we hope we all focus on our “real” neighbour. People we know personally. We all know someone in our communities, relatives, circle of friends etc, who are really struggling to make ends meet, especially since the pandemic… that is the neighbour we are referring to.
The African Proverbs: “Bana ba motho ba kgaogana tlhogwana ya tsie” (no food helping, no matter how small, is too little to share with family) and “Charity begins at home”, are at the centre of this initiative.
Let us NOT allow our neighbour to starve, if we can assist…


Unlike many other initiatives where beneficiaries are identified and selected by the organization, with the “#GTE - Bridge the Gap” program, the donor identifies their needy candidates. GTE really believes that we need to see and experience the impact we are making and really be our brother’s keeper in a true sense. It is for that reason that we elected to have the donor be the one select their own beneficiaries.


#GTE in association with our equally committed partners, has put together a basic package that YOU can procure for your needy neighbour. The package aims to address some of the basic physiological needs.
Even though it is not really a lot, we are confident that it will go an extra mile.


Register as a donor by completing a form on the GTE website:

  • Go to: CONTACT US.
  • Select a tittle: Bridging The Gap … feeding the neighbour.
  • Send a message with: Name, Surname, Contact number, Email address

Or send us an email – requesting subscription forms so as to register as a donor, by sending an email to,, then a registration form will be sent for your completion.

This is what we call OUR BIG THANK YOU…
#GTE knows that we are all going through a difficult phase, especially on the back of the COVID -19 pandemic, we as a result understand that some self-deprivation sacrifices may have to be dome, to be able to assist a neighbour.

As a Non-Profit company, every contribution will be issued with a Section 18A certificate, in the name of the Donor, which can be used for Tax Exemption with South African Revenue Services (SARS)

PLEASE: Let us join hands where possible and Bridge the gap!!!

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