Our Story

In South Africa, (and possibly the continent at large), our education system does not embrace individuality and does little to encourage individuals to celebrate their uniqueness or to develop diverse outlooks. Its focus is on standardizing and producing programmed and automated students who all strive for the same outlooks, strengths and outcomes that are deemed important. Indeed, critical and out of the box thinking is not encouraged or nurtured.

This has resulted in high levels of inadequately skilled individuals who struggle to fit into careers and jobs they have pursued…
Our education system does not birth entrepreneurs, which is what the world’s economy (and our country and continent) need in the fourth industrial revolution.

The current economic situation in our country requires a different approach. It does not require more of the same – it requires critical thinkers who understand that individual and unique strengths and outlooks are what the world needs to move forward and prosper.

At Grooming The Executive, we believe that all people have something they are good at, love doing or are passionate about.

If these qualities are encouraged and developed, these strengths nurtured and enhanced then people will be better positioned to contribute effortlessly towards the betterment of our country & continent (and the economy at large).

When young people are taught from a tender age the necessary skills required to make sound choices, how to establish and set goals, to participate and contribute positively to their community etc., not only do they stand a better chance of being easily employable, but they also stand a better chance to flourish in their everyday lives and make a difference of gigantic proportions. This will result in happy and fulfilled individuals working towards the future betterment of the economy and the continent.

Our Vision

To harvest potential and talent, to grow individuals and entities to gigantic proportions.

Our Mission

To stimulate growth and much needed transformation for Small Medium Enterprise (SME) businesses (especially women and young people) in rapidly evolving economy.

Our Value Proposition

  • To Inspire & Guide: Each other to address various struggles that may hinder self-realisation
  • To Support & Mentor: Each other, join hands and take a position in not only fighting the various scourges we face, but in finding impactful and practical solutions
  • To Flourish & Prosper: To afford all of us a fair opportunity to prosper


Ms Sharon Tshabalala

Executive Chairman & President

Ms Patrizia Scott

Non-Executive Board

Ms Tebogo Kgobokoe

Non-Executive Board

Advocate: Thomas Tshabalala

Non Executive Board Member

Mr. Peter Komane

Deputy Chairman

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