To harvest potential and talent, to grow individuals and entities to gigantic proportions.


To stimulate growth and much needed transformation for the young generation, aspiring businesspersons and entrepreneurs and Small-to-Medium Enterprise (SME) ventures in a rapidly evolving economy.

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KayaFM Interview With Ms S. Tshabalala, Founder Grooming The Executive.


Grooming The Executive (GTE) Executive is a fully registered Non-Profit Company (NPC) and is registered with the Company and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) of South Africa.

Registered Name: Grooming The Executive
Registration Number: 2018/254615/08

GTE Grooming The Executive (GTE) is an initiative that aims at positioning our young, ambitious people within the Republic of South Africa (RSA) to take advantage of opportunities surrounding them.
The concept was initiated in South Africa, by driven and committed people, who have the interest of the continent at heart. It is for that reason that once tried and tested and its programs proving doable within RSA, it shall be rolled out to other countries within the continent. Strategic relationships with the continent at large is of paramount importance to achieve the ambitious, yet attainable task at hand.
Through the output of this program, Africa shall elevate to the global podium, where it belongs!!!
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Grooming The Executive - OVER ALL OFFERINGS

Grooming The Executive is grouped into multiple important Divisions. Each is geared to address specific need for a targeted market & audience. They all work towards achieving meaningful inclusion and fair participation of all people, in the various career or business opportunities, they may elect to pursue.

GTE Institute

GTE Institute is a division of Grooming The Executive, which aims at providing as much training and mentoring of all people and influence the change of mind-set from employee (employment) mentality to that of Business Ownership and Entrepreneurship. It boasts the following programs:

  1. GTE Junior Giants
  2. GTE Gap Year and Career Booster
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GTE We Are The Right Men #RightMen

Gender-Based Violence remains a worrisome reality, faced by many around the country and the continent. It is a scourge we will only win by joining force across gender and age spectrum

GTE MSSRewards

encourages communities to support small business as part of reviving local economy. It is a collaboration between all stakeholders in the economic spectrum

GTE Side Hustle Funding

is mindful of the funding challenges many new venture experiences. We are aware of the red tape that makes it almost impossible to get funding from banks and Developmental Funding Institutions (DFI). We however can’t fold our arms and do nothing. We encourage parents and private people to invest in their own children / family / spouses’ creative ideas. Learn More...

GTE Legacy Builder

Many persons were socialised to understand the value of saving money, but more importantly how to do so when you have very little to even survive on. We make it really easy, and we mean business

GTE Enterprise Support

Business is not an easy adventure. It reminds us many times that no-man is an Island. In navigating this fulfilling journey, small business owners are afforded the support they need in areas they lack necessary expertise.

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